Sahara Sharma

Co-Founder/ CEO

Sahara Sharma is one of the very few female film makers in Nepali Cinema Industry. Her first film opened the 2013 Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) and also bagged a Jury Award for Best film in the ‘Nepal Panorama’ category. The film also won the Jury Choice award at the Toronto Nepali film festival. Before being a film maker, Sharma worked as a senior correspondent in the National English Daily ‘Republica’. Sahara Sharma has a knack of telling contemporary stories. National Critics have praised her for her story telling, characterization, and her style of directing fresh actors with improvised dialogs. This is the most unique quality in the Nepali cinema spectrum till date. She is currently working on her second feature film ’Bardiya Sundari’.

AbhiManyu Dixit

Co-Founder/ Company Director

AbhiManyu Dixit is a film maker, educator, & campaigner who believes all kinds of films should be made. He started as a cinema campaigner, working to build a network of South Asian film makers, and then as a film festival coordinator. He produced, wrote screenplay for and edited ‘Chasing Rainbows’. ‘Bardiya Sundari’ is his second feature film as a creative producer. Besides, he has also ardently created independent short films and development shorts for various clients.

Sahayog Sharma

Managing Director- Acting Department

Sahayog began his acting career in 2010. He has experience working on documentaries, short films and feature films. He also looks after actors in Gauthali ent. He has educational background in tourism and is currently planning on studying acting.

Saurav Rajbhandary

Managing Director- Administrative & Creative Departments

Saurav looks after the day to day operations of the office. He also worked as assistant director in Chasing Rainbows and has two short films under his belt. Apart from films he has interest in music. His rock group, Corduroy contributed to the sound track of Chasing Rainbows. He is also an aspiring singer and songwriter.

Pranav KC

Actor-Managing Director- Productions

Pranav started his acting career in 2012 from Chasing Rainbows. He is an actor working for Gauthali. He is also the head of productions and is a key project facilitator. Besides films, he loves watching & playing football and is a fan of music. He is also a student of business studies.

Unnati Subedi

Program Director- Acting Department

Unnati works as an assistant to the managing director of the acting department. She is an actor in Gauthali ent. Till now, she has acted in various short films. She is also the lead actor of ‘Rehan & I’, Gauthali’s future project. She is a student of development finance. She is also a foodie and passionate instagrammer.